Safety light curtain

Safety light curtain

It is used for small and medium-sized dangerous equipment or dangerous areas such as small machinery, precision machinery, electronic machinery equipment, tooling equipment, and can safely protect human body or object safety and logistics, production equipment line and signal acquisition of automatic control equipment.

  1. It meets the Class 2 safety level of the International Electrotechnical Society IEC61496-1/2 standard, which is self-test and fault shutdown.
  2. The optical axis spacing is 20mm, 40mm, and the maximum protection height can reach 3800mm.
  3. The new advanced optical synchronization technology eliminates the need for wire connections between the illuminator and the receiver.
  4. With professional optical lens frame and advanced optical system design, it has excellent concentrating characteristics and strong resistance to external light interference.
  5. High degree of protection IP66 for use in wet work environments.
  6. Miniaturized design, exquisite structure, beautiful appearance, size is only 32mmx32mm.
  7. There is no blind zone design on the upper and lower sides, which effectively reduces the installation space.
  8. Electromagnetic compatibility design, strong anti-interference ability, can be used reliably in high frequency and high magnetic environment such as inverter and servo motor.
  9. NPN or PNP dual output, can be connected to safety light curtain controller, safety relay, can also be connected to PLC, PC or external relay. In this case, the subsequent control circuit of the equipment should be safe and reliable.
  10. High reaction speed, reaction time is only 5-30ms.