STS Series Energy Meters

GSD7666 Single Phase Prepaid Keypad Electricity Meter

GSD7666 Single Phase Prepaid Keypad Electricity Meter
Single Phase Electricity Meter GSD7666 GSD7666 Single Phase Prepaid Keypad Electricity Meter GSD7666 Single Phase Prepaid Keypad Electricity Meter

GSD7666 Single Phase Prepaid Keypad Electricity Meter

Single Phase Prepayment Keypad Electricity Meter

The DDSY168 is used for a wide rang of applications, due to an improved dynamic range allowing a basic current of 5 Amp while retaining a maximum current of 80 Amp and extended functional features.

Main Features

  • 20 digit (Standard Transfer Specification) STS encryption
  • Detection of significant reverse energy (SRE)
  • IEC62056-21 compliant optical & RS485 port allowing for easy data interrogation
  • Disconnects on overload and no credit
  • Prepayment and credit mode hot swap
  • Programmable load limit and low credit warning
  • Detection and record tamper event such as opening cover, reverse connection, black-out
  • Easy access to 12 months historical consumption data and last 5 token entered

Split Configuration for Increased Revenue Protection

The meter consists of two parts, the MCU (Metering & Control Unit) and UIU (User Interface Unit). The MCU and UIU is linked via galvanically isolated 2-wire communication cable. Power line carrier (PLC) and Radio Frequency (RF) communication module is also available on request.

The UIU is installed within consumer's home, while MCU is installed in a meter cabinet away from consumers.

AMR/AMI Smart Metering Function (on request)

  • Easy connection to User Interface Unit (UIU) for split type applications
  • PLC/ RF / GPRS communication with a head-end AMR/AMI server
  • Time of Use (TOU) , multi-tarif, holiday setting.
  • Advanced load control and disconnection features

Technical specifications

Nominal voltage Un 230V
Limited voltage 70%~120%Un
Nominal frequency fn 50-60Hz
Tolerance 5%
Basic current(Ib) 5A
Maximum current(Imax) 80A
Starting current(lst) 20mA
Active energy constant Measurement Accuracy 1600imp/kWh
Active energy to IEC62053 - 21 Class1.0
Power consumption in Voltage circuit <2W <8VA
Power consumption in current circuit <1VA
Temperature range  
Operation -25C to+70°C
Storage -40C to+85"C
Insulation strength  
AC Insulation strength 4kV at 50Hz during 1min
Impulse voltage 1 .2/50 μs mains connections 8kV
Electro Magnetic Compatibility    
Electrostatic discharges  
Contact discharge 8kV
Air discharge 16kV
Electromagnetic RF fields  
27MHz to 500MHz typical 10V/m
100kHz to 1GHz typical 30V/m
Fast transient burst test 4kV
Mechanical requirements  
Meter shell Protection Rate IP54
Insulation System Classification Protective Class II



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