STS Series Energy Meters

GST7666-C Three Phase Card Type Prepayment Electricity Meter

GST7666-C Three Phase Card Type Prepayment Electricity Meter
Three Phase Card Type Prepayment Electricity Meter

GST7666-C Three Phase Card Type Prepayment Electricity Meter

The C meter is a new generation of prepaid electricity meter that integrates high precision metrology features along with security encryption and wireless communication technologies. The meter works with a

plug- in module for data collection and network communications. This modular design enables utility to select from PLC/RF/GPRS/3G and 4G LTE cellular data networks according to local conditions at low cost. Upgrade and maintenance will also become cost-effective by replacing the modules only instead of the entire meter


  • Maximum demand measurement and load profile record at preset intervals
  • Tamper protection: magnetic proof, data retention in outage, cover open detection
  • TOU with multi-tariff and multi billing cycles
  • Plug play communication modules
  • IEC 62056-21 and DLMS/COSEM compliant
  • vRepared for AMR/AMI functionality
  • Broad working voltage range for brownouts liable areas

Utility Benefit

  • On demand and remote load management
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Low data collection cost
  • Choose suitable communication according to local needs
  • Revenue protection by flexible consumer contract control
  • Long life time with easy upgrade features



Main technical dete

Electrical parameters:
Nominal voltage Un 3x240V
Limited voltage 60%~ 120%Un
Frequency 50/60Hz+5%
Basic current(Ib) 10A
Maximum current(I|max) 100A
Starting current(lst) 30mA
Active energy constant 400imp/kWh
Active energy IEC62053 - 21 Class1.0 
Reactive energy IEC62053- 23 Class2.0
Voltage circuit <2W <8VA
Current circuit <1VA
Temperature range  
Operation meter - 25°C to+70°C
Storage - 40°C to+85°C
Insulation strength
Insulation level 4kV,1min
Voltage Impulse withstand 8kV, 1.2/50μs
Electro Magnetic Compatibility
Electrostatic discharges  
Contact discharge 8kV
Air discharge 16kV
Electromagnetic RF fields  
27MHz to 500MHz typical 10V/m
100kHz to 1GHz typical  30V/m
Fast transient burst test 4kV
Mechanical requirements
Protection Rating IP54
Insulation Classification Protective Class II
Maximum cable size 10 mm

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